Honda Logo Cookie Cutter

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This is a sale for my Honda logo cookie cutter. It measures in at 3.75 inches wide. This cookie cutter is made using a 3D printing process. It is made with PLA plastic. The plastic is very strong and easy to clean. It makes a pretty clear Honda logo print that is ready to be baked! This is great for any Honda lover or enthusiast! The color of the cutter cannot be guaranteed as I will occasionally run out of filament and order a new color. This object is not dishwasher safe. Due to the small edges that create a border for the stars there is some weakness, so wash with care. There may also be some small pieces of plastic that you will need to remove before use or risk the chance of it falling into dough. A good washing usually does the trick. PLA plastic is not sold as food grade, but is very commonly used in food applications with no issues. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!