Mustang Week Cookie Cutter

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Have you ever seen a Mustang at a car show? I sure have and it's terrifying. I made this cookie cutter in an attempt to raise awareness of the dangers they bring to others. Take these cookies to car shows alert the unsuspecting. Save a life, buy these cookie cutters. In all seriousness, up for sale is a 3D printed Mustang week cookie cutter. It features a Mustang and two flying victims. It's made of PLA plastic so it should not be put in a dishwasher and should be handled with care. Some pieces on it are fairly fragile, but when treated with care should not break. The arms of the flying victims may fall off while moving the cookie due to it being such a small design, so don't expect a perfect body shape. I will try to change the design later on if I get enough requests. For now you can pretend that their body parts flew off in the wreckage. There may be small pieces of plastic in the cookie cutter that will need to be removed. I am not responsible if these end up in a cookie.